Sunday, November 13, 2005


I apologize. I just spent over an hour deleting all the SPAM comments posted on various posts. I received notification of these in email, but I thought they were just SPAM emails. I realized after going through all of my posts that these SPAM emails were really actual blog comments. From now on, if you wish to comment on a post, you will have to enter a coded word as a SPAM safety feature. I apologize for the extra step, but its necessary.

By the way, I promise I will be back soon. Our work year ends at the end of November and I'll be better able to get my bearings about me after that.

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peace directer Edward Church said...

spam not this

what I feel after reading a little of the case to the man that was injected for killing his wife and her father. I feel it was this was awful matter how bad it came to be in respect what he had felt.Now this man is dead and was a viet-Nam vet he fight for our country. I believe he had could of served some purpose to fight in a Iraqi war in stead one wud b sent one to die to be injected on the table was a loss cause in my reaction of this all. send the ones that had killed to a war where men are taught to kill it would be a better use of not sending a man to the table but if said that he was not to be free to be in the public but to serve as a life long model prisoner spending time wud be better. every day we teach a man to kill another person in a war.why not take those who had killed others that was sentenced for some other problems that they created in society

plz give me a short reply

CarrieJ said...

I assume you are talking about Kenneth Lee Boyd, the 1000th person executed in the United States since the Supreme Court last found the death penalty constitutional in 1976. Whether he served for our country or not, he did not deserve to die.

I don't think sending convicted murderers to war serves any decent purpose. War is difficult on anyone. Murderers need to be locked up and kept away from society for the duration of their lives (or the better part of it depending on the crime), not sent out into the world armed with some of the most dangerous weapons known to humankind.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Please do what you can to spare Tookie Williams, scheduled to be killed in California on 12/13. I don't know if the Governator is influenced by petitions, but on the off chance that he is, there is a petition at that I recommend. There is very little else that can be done to spare tookie.