Thursday, November 11, 2004

Frederick McWilliams - Texas

Texas executed number 22 last night and the 2nd in as many nights. Frederick McWilliams died at 6:18 last night. He was 30 years old. Before his death, McWilliams stated, "There are people that will be mad thinking I try to seek freedom from this, but as long as I see, freedom belongs to me and I'll keep on keeping on. The shackles and chains that just might hold my body can't hold my mind, but will kill me otherwise."

Convicted killer in Texas 22nd to be executed

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EXZOTIC 25 said...

on this day i was torn frederick mcwilliams is my ex boyfriend and i will miss him so much my opinion is like this if the case like my ex wasnt a straight case/story u here so many different stories and his case was one and harris county had this rexzaming cases then why they didnt hold his execution date