Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Jasen Busby & James Allridge

Appeals have been filed on behalf of both James Allridge and Jasen Busby. With so much of the focus on James Allridge this week, Jasen Busby has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle. Jasen's execution is scheduled for tonight. Though he has not been reported as rehabilitated, his execution is still a tragedy. Please keep Jasen, his family/friends and the families of the victims (including Christopher Kelly who survived the shootings) in your minds today and tonight. Incidentally, in one article I read regarding the Busby case, the sister/cousin of the victims recognized how Busby's pending death must be causing his family to feel. However, her first quote was that he must pay for what he did. She will not be attending the execution.

Appeals filed to halt executions today, Thursday

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Anonymous said...

it feels unreal to me that this article would not even question whether a 19 year old having access to an assault rifle might be related to this whole tragedy. at 19 you are not allowed to buy a beer but you can get your hands on an assault rifle and ruin the lives of three family.