Friday, August 20, 2004

David Dawson

How's this for irony? David Dawson of Montana's death row has informed the Montana Supreme Court that he does not want anymore actions taken on his behalf because he wants to die. According to Dawson's attorney (who has continued to file papers for Dawson despite his refusing her assistance), Dawson's life at the state prison, combined with the suicides of two of his fellow inmates this past year, have taken a toll on him and he no longer has the will to live. She believes Dawson shouldn't be considered to be acting knowingly and voluntarily.

Essentially, she's right. Dawson is choosing death over life. There's where we find the irony: Dawson is choosing a suicide path, but because he does not have the courage to kill himself (or the capability because of suicide watch), he is asking the state to kill him instead. What does that say about the conditions of death row in Montana? What does it say that two of the then six inmates on Montana's death row have already committed suicide because of the state of things?

Killer quits court fight-Lawyer says death row has taken its toll

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